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Your carpet performs just like one big air filter

Trapping all the dust and dirt in your home. That dust and dirt acts like sandpaper, which over time wears down your carpet fibres, says David Christopher, the owner of Carpet Cleaning Services and a qualified technician. David says it is much better to vacuum your high traffic areas every day or so, rather than the whole house once per week.

By concentrating your cleaning on the areas near to your exit doors to the home and also the high traffic areas, you will be adding years of life to your rugs and carpets.

Take Your Time
When running your vacuum, go slowly and overlap each stroke to be sure of removing as much of the dirt as possible. David says that he trains his employees to count up to 3 during each push forward and pull backward on the vacuum, so that the machine has time to do a thorough job.

Take care of any stains immediately.
If possible treat stains as soon as they occur. The top tip is to blot the stain, don’t rub. Modern carpets have a resistance to liquids for a short time after a spill, so remove as much as possible as soon as you can. And if blotting doesn’t remove all of the stain, then you can try using natural solutions, try soda water, or a shop purchased cleaner, but always be sure to follow the instructions.

Get the Vac that your carpet needs.
The best vacuum cleaners are not always the most expensive or the best looking design. Choose your vac by looking at its functions and strengths rather than it;s price. So if you have dogs or cats that shed fur. You will be needing a machine that has a hose and attachments to suit the job.

Do you have stairs in your home?
If so, stay away from heavy machines and find one that is lighter with a stair cleaning head. David says ” My vac cost me less than £45 over 5 years ago, and it is still going strong, and does a great job”.

Vacuum Maintenance
Lack of care is the number one reason for vacuums breaking down. Be sure to change the filters regularly, check that your hoses are clog free, and always empty the bag or the dust collector regularly. If maintained and treated well, you should easily get 5 to 10 years of service from your trusty vac.

Go Pro!
Your carpets are a big investment, and you should think about having a good quality professional clean once or maybe twice a year depending on use. Don’t try to cut corners and rent a maching to do it yourself, they are not usually effective at removing moisture, and you will be left with a residue on the carpet that quickly attracts more dirt.

A good professional carpet cleaning service will pay dividends in the end, and it is also worth bearing in mind that any cleaning by an unauthorised cleaning company may void any warranty that the carpet has.