Modern Methods

Carpets are a very expensive addition to your home and as such need to be handled with the utmost care. It makes no sense to have them cleaned by a company who does not provide the most modern and meticulous methods in carpet cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Cleaner Carpets Mansfield not only offers the best in carpet cleaning, we offer our clients an array of methods that also protect the environment. This enables us to customize the method of cleaning to the condition your carpet is in and the type of carpets and rugs you have in your home.

We take the time to identify the odors, spots, stains, and severely soiled areas that we are dealing with so that the results prove to be successful. And almost every carpet and rug we clean is dry within an hour’s time. Our specialty is that we can clean all different types of carpeting.

They can be carpets rich in wool, pure wool or area rugs, silk, cotton or synthetic materials. Our professional carpet cleaners use the latest cleaning techniques and products so not a single spot will remain.

Fast Drying

We principally use Low Moisture applications, which not only cleans the carpet but also disinfects it at the same time. This results in an average drying time of just 30 minutes or even less. Once we’re finished your carpets will be totally clean, almost dry and practically ready for use.

Because we use eco-friendly cleaning products your carpeting will also be totally safe for children and pets.   Cleaner Carpets Mansfield confidently provides a 100% guarantee, which promises:

  • No fading or loss of colour
  • No split seams or any shrinkage
  • No musty odour remaining
  • No residue remaining to attract dirt
  • No dullness or loss of luster after drying, which commonly happens with the use of sticky shampoos or with wet cleaning methods

    All of the most modern cleaning systems are for overall carpet or upholstery cleaning generally or to address specific problems. They all vary depending on the task at hand. It must be mentioned that no cleaning system alone can effectively clean carpeting or upholstery, without an operator. The operator’s skill is just as vital to the end result as the cleaning products and methods used, if not more so.