Curtain & Drapery Cleaning

Most homeowners put a lot of thought into selecting their window coverings, including drapes and curtains. However, once they’re installed, it’s surprising how uninformed people are about the necessity of having their curtains and drapes cleaned.

Curtains can hang in windows for years before someone notices they’ve become dirty and decides to vacuum or wash them. Vacuum cleaners usually have an attachment for curtain cleaning, which often goes missing. It’s normally a soft brush or simple nozzle that if used once a week can make a big difference in the look and lifespan of your curtains and draperies.

A very efficient way of cleaning them is to do it with steam. This can be done without taking the curtains or drapes down, which can be tedious. Using a garment steamer you can get the job done, however a professional cleaning company will have the proper kind of steamers to do the job right. If you have curtains that have been pulled open for a long time, steaming them will not only get them clean, it will remove the creases as well.

But to save you the trouble and to get the job done right, a professional curtain or drapery cleaning company can be hired once or twice a year to keep your home looking clean and fresh.