FLOOD & WATER DAMAGE   We specialise in cleaning up flood and water damaged carpets and flooring from:

  • Broken pipes
  • Leaky radiators
  • From storms

Without an immediate cleanup after the influx of water your carpets and flooring can be ruined. A professional specializing in water damage should be brought in as soon as possible.    How We Clean Your Water Damaged Carpets, Rugs and Flooring:

  1. We must first extract all the dirty and contaminated water by using high-powered equipment to vacuum up and remove all the dirty water soaking your carpets.
  1. Once that’s finished, we use fans and dehumidifiers until your carpet is dry.
  1. To prevent mold and other contaminants from growing we then sanitise your carpets.
  1. Now we can start cleaning your carpets and rugs using our usual Hot Water Extraction method.