How to deal with Pet Odours

If you have pets, you know that pet odours can be a problem. Dogs and Cats have a smell of their own, even with regular bathing and visits to the poodle parlour, they have their own smell, and they are more than happy to distribute that all over your house by lying on your carpet and settee every day.

What can you do to help?

Firstly, be sure to brush your dog or cat every day, to remove the hairs before they become a problem.

Daily vacuuming is the first method of attack. Remove all the hairs from your carpet and sofa with a good vacuum everyday.

Use a swiffer or mop to get rid of hairs on bathroom tiled floors and kitchen tiles, especially where they hide behind doors etc.

Use a clothes brush or similar to remove stubborn hairs from upholstery. I find those sticky rollers that you get from the cheap stores work great for this.

If you can, install a cat flap, so that your cat can take care of his or her business outside. Get rid of that horrible cat tray.

If you find that your pet has had an accident inside the house, clean it up as quickly as possible.

There are plug in deodorisers and shake and vac products, which help to mask the smell, but it’s a temporary solution.

Plan on calling in your carpet cleaning professional every 3 months to thoroughly steam clean and freshen up all your carpets. You can probably negotiate a better rate if you book regular visits.

Try calling Cleaner Carpets Mansfield for further advice. We cover the Nottingham and Mansfield areas, and are always happy to help.

This image says it all:

infographic expaining how to keep your carpets free from animal odours in mansfield