Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks and how to choose the best service for your carpet cleaning.

1. Slow Drying Carpets and Upholstery
This is probably the most heard complaint with regard to carpet and upholstery cleaning. You will find that some local business are using small and non professional carpet cleaning machinery, similar to the ones that you can hire from your local DIY shop.

These small machines are not really up the job: they are too weak, which means that they are not able to extract enough moisture from the carpet after cleaning, they also cannot generate the heat required to do a good cleaning job. The effect of this is that the carpets are left very damp, taking sometimes days to dry out thoroughly. This can often result in a smelly carpet and the production of mould.

2. Carpets and Upholstery quickly getting dirty after cleaning.
This is the second most heard of complaint, and it is again linked to the less than effective machinery mentioned above. These types of machines use a shampoo, and it is this that causes the problem.

The carpet fibres are not rinsed effectively, leaving a sticky residue, which attracts new dust and dirt immediately after cleaning.  Rather like when you wash your hair.

You always finish with a good rinse after to leave it squeaky clean. The same is true with carpets, the ineficcient rinsing causes the fibres to quickly attract dirt and the problem gets worse with every treatment.

3. Dishonest Business Practices
There are good and less than perfect businesses in all types of services, and the same is true of carpet cleaners. Referrals, repeat business and word of mouth is the life blood of a good business. Look for a business with these characteristics and you should have a good carpet cleaning experience.

Also be aware of the businesses insurance cover, equipment and training. By always delivering the best service possible, at cleaner carpets mansfield we try hard to retain our customers, and do the best job time after time.

4. Small Cleaning Machines So we are talking about the smaller machines again. Be very careful if somebody turns up with a small vehicle and tries to bring a small carpet cleaning machine into your home. You need to know that this type of machine will deliver less than perfect results.

It is not capable of competing with a multi thousand dollar cleaning plant bolted into a custom cleaning vehicle. Our aim is to educate the carpet cleaning public that this is the case.

5. Stain Removal Guaranteed.
All stains can be removed. Right?  No ….. Wrong! If somebody tells you that they are able to remove all carpet and upholstery stains then they are not being truthful. In an ideal world this would be true, but it is not, but customers are told this all the time.

Many types of food, drinks and cosmetics contain tanning agents and dyes that are impossible to remove despite our best efforts and state of the art machinery and chemicals. The reason for this is that these are permanent dyes. Other common permanent stains are vomit and urine, which because of their acidity have changed the colour of the carpet fibres before treatment begins.

It is very unlikely that you are able to completely correct this unless treatment occurs the same day. Of course though the residue can be cleaned and the area improved, including any odours.

6. A Cheap Price Will Be More Than Quoted.
Look out for those add-ons! Double cleaning, Pre treating, Stain Removal, Large room prices etc. This is certainly one of the biggest complaints Everyone likes a deal, and why not. It seems like a bargain, you get a flyer through the door, offerinc to clean your upholstery and carpets for a great price.

You take the bait, call the company, and then they start the switch and apply the addon. The result is that you end up paying a much higher price.  They are also using the smaller cheaper machines that will deliver a less than perfect job.

You could have got a reputable company in the first place.  So always be aware. At Cleaner Carpets mansfield our quoted price includes everything. Nothing is hidden.

7. Professional Service and Care For Your Home
If you contact a company from a flyer that advertises only a mobile phone number, and you have a problem, you may have problems getting that problem resolved. We treat your home and contents as if they were our own. So you are always in safe hands.

8. Caring For Your Health.
Your health can be at risk, and also that of your children, babies, elderly and pets. We are aware of the health benefits of a clean home, and your carpet can be a major source of mould and dirt. Some cleaning methods are only able to remove dirt. Others can remove grease too. But there are methods that can remover virtually everything.  It is also true that some services are more expensive than others.

However, if are looking to protect your health, and protect the investment that is your carpet and furnishings, and to keep your family protected from dust mites, fungus, pollen and bacteria that can hide in your carpet, then please call us when you are considering this type of service.

One thing is for sure ….  in life, you generally get what you pay for!

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