If your upholstered pieces are beginning to look dingy under artificial light you are most likely in need of a good upholstery cleaner. We can clean and revitalize your upholstered sofas and chairs so they look their best using the latest in 100% eco-friendly cleaning products and methodologies.  

Because there is such diversity in the type of fabrics, materials and styles of upholstered furniture we have a large range of cleaning methods and products to enable us to customize the way we clean every piece. Your sofa or chair may only be lightly soiled, or perhaps it’s under heavy use and hasn’t been professionally cleaned in a while, either way we can definitely get it clean!  

We are able to clean all leathers, cottons, chenille, tapestries, brocades, rayon and other synthetics. After we’ve fully inspected the pieces needing to be cleaned, we determine which cleaning products would be the safest and most effective. Once we have thoroughly cleaned your upholstered piece it should be dry on average within 1 – 2 hours and then ready for use.